A Prime's Primer to the Planes

A Berk's Eye View

Or How to start trouble in Sigil

Near the center of the Bazaar there is a fountain dedicated the wizard Bigby, who used to own a college of magic in the Clerk’s Ward. That is, before it was repossessed by the Fated for being a day late in payment. Now Bigby’s College is the Hall of Records, and the fountain is covered in verdigris and pigeon dung. Arrayed around the fountain however are the young and vital of Sigil’s struggling entrepreneurs, touts. The first to greet the traveler’s is a young tiefling called Merrick the Tout .

After a quick conversation Merrick suggests the group visits the Hall of Information to see if there’s any official record of their lost friend. The party has traveled so far through the city in Lou’s steam driven wooshwagon. As the party sets off for the Clerk’s Ward, Merrick gives them a bit of the dark of Sigil. He introduces them to a few of the Factions in the city, by way of their headquarter’s, and explains a bit of their barmy philosophies. While admiring a representation of the Lady of Pain, Lou almost runs over a pedestrian. Stopping to apologize she offers a ride to a minotaur cleric who also happens to be heading for the Hall of Information.

Upon arrival at the Hall of Information Lou stays with her wooshwagon while the rest of the party makes their way inside. In the Hall the party meets a rather unhelpful Bariur clerk who is unwilling at first to point the group in the right direction. Eventually, with the proper garnish the clerk sets up a few appointments, but suggests that the party should head directly to the City Courts to see if their friend is on the docket. On their way out, the minotaur is accosted by a group of Harmonium who insist he has broken the law. Before he can protest the Harmonium draw their weapons to subdue him.

Jumping into action the party’s Eladrin Swordmage opens up with a lighting attack that leaves one of the Harmonium twitching from aftershocks. The rest of the party jumps into action working to bring down the Harmonium, if only to find out why they attacked an innocent priest. The party’s warlord, a Bozak Draconian spits an icy projectile at the guards chilling them and weakening their defenses. He then shouts a command to the cleric who bashes one of the guards with his trusty maul.



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