• Babau


    A grinning skeletal demon dripping acid, sporting a single horn.
  • Balor Demon (Balrog)

    Balor Demon (Balrog)

    A hulking, horned monstrosity wreathed in flames and wielding a blade of lightning and flaming whip.
  • Chaosmen (Xaositects)

    Chaosmen (Xaositects)

    There is no consistency to their look or race, only their dedication to chaos.
  • Dretch


    A flabby, clawed, demon of diminutive size surrounded by a foul miasma.
  • Factol Karan

    Factol Karan

    A dour faced Githzerai with sallow skin and grey eyes, dressed in hodge-podge armor.
  • Harmonium Patrol

    Harmonium Patrol

    A group of berks in red spiky armor who will make you see their point of view, even if they have to beat you into the right frame of mind.
  • Merrick the Tout

    Merrick the Tout

    Pale skin, dark hair, winning smile, and devil's horns.